With the project “DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES”, the Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. fosters creative engagement with digital technologies for actors in the cultural scene in three project areas.


Under the theme “Exploration”, digital culture is reflected upon by actors from the cultural scene and academia in two rounds of talks. The focus of these talks is on the question of how digital transformation processes change culture and what influence they have on cultural methods.

ONE AND INFINITY – Listen now 

THE DIGITALISATION OF HUMAN MIND – At the finissage on 03 December 20:00 -22:00 live @KulturCentrale 


Under the theme “Experimentation”, the focus is on the creative adaptation of digital technologies. New artistic collaborations are developed in three digital laboratories, which take the  form of digital art residencies. For each digital art residency, ten artists are invited to work simultaneously together online using network-enabled graphic programmes.



Under the theme The Full Moon Gallery presents the exhibit ONE AND INFINITY: THE DIGITALISATION OF THE HUMAN MIND from 05 November 2022 to 03 December 2022, featuring artworks from international artists created as part of the DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES project. With the use of digital collaboration software, ten artists work together on and offline over a period of five months. The Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. ceremonially opens the exhibit with the participating artists. Art prizes are awarded in the categories NICEST AUDIOVISUAL CREATION, FINEST GRAPHIC COMPOSITION and FAVORITE COLLABORATION. Visitors have the opportunity to vote via an online tool. At the finissage, the award ceremony takes place in the presence of the international artists of the DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES.

Mia-Ann Böhm (Germany), Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela), Jakyeong Jeong (South Korea/Germany) Belal Kalash (Israel), Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine), Anna Mukhanova (Ukraine), Laura Michelle Schubert (Germany), Michael Siegmund (Germany)
Vernissage | 05 November 2022 | 20:00
Finissage | 03 December 2022 | 20:00