Serafyma Vutianova

My name is Serafyma. I was born in Ukraine and lived in the city of Kiev until 24 February 2022. I have been involved in art all my life, because I grew up in a family of artists. I graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and trained as a production designer for theatre, cinema and television.

Wie erlebst du die Digitalisierung des menschlichen Verstandes?

The war changed everything in my life except the desire to create, because that is what I can do to help myself and my country.

Now I try to actively explore the psycho-emotional state of people who have found themselves in unpredictable, abnormal, frightening situations.  

Wie kann deine Kunstpraxis dazu beitragen, diese Erfahrung zu verstehen?

By letting events pass me by, I represent them in every way available to me, including digitally, by recording my memory digitally.