Thomas Heerwagen

As teacher for arts and german (mostly literature), art plays an important role in my life.  I realised that planning a piece of art is not my personal way of doing art. Instead, coming together with friends and just beginning to draw and paint with no special idea at the beginning, feels more authentic and fitting to my way of thinking. We let grow our subconscious associative paintings and drawings together by changing places and complete the ones of the others. 

How do you experience the digitalisation of the human mind?

Digitalisation is neather a good or a bad thing to me. It’s happening anyway, everywhere. I see good opportunities in this progress but also the risk of lost of individual creativity, as it can be paradoxily a source for creativity in the same time.  

How your art practice can help understand this experience?

AI-textbots for example are frightening and fascinating me in the same time: they even write poems! Are we replacable? I don’t think so: an AI might combine ideas of different writers to a convincing poem. But has it a soul? They will never know to appreciate the feeling and smell of a hundredyear old book. Or how it feels to do arts in a group of friends, letting minds collide while you sense the smell of paint and flowing creativity.