Teaching my computer about evolution using Wikicommons

by Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela) In this exercise, an artificial intelligence was trained to recognize taxonomic features proposed by evolutionary theories, and through the description of specific features, a genealogy is constructed through which an illustrated evolutionary history can be presented. The database that was used to scrape the images was Wikicommods, so this film could …

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by Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine) In my video series of collages, I explore the dissolution of myself into digital reality. In an endless series of colored digital elements, one can safely get lost. Because there is never a digital reality without laws and signs of the real world under it, only textures which were the basis …

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by Jakyeong Jeong (South Korea/Germany) The world is being suffered by man-made Katastrophe.I believe those are outcome of the infinite greed of human being.This movie is to present about the origin and end of greed and malice.


by Anna Mukhanova (Ukraine) / Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine) In this digital performance I research the feelings if alienism, detachment, and the inability to find a safe, comfortable haven. How does one cope is such a situation?