Anna Mukhanova

I’m Anna from Odesa, Ukraine. I love making performance art, painting, Butoh dance, music.
When a spectator touches my works and feels how I transform myself, it triggers transformation in them. It doesn’t have to be exactly like mine – we’re all different. But it’s a chance to look at the habitual from a new perspective and transform the world by doing so to yourself.”

How do you experience the digitalisation of the human mind?

To me, it’s very interesting to observe that the more technologies develop, the more experiences and feelings we can pass on the distance, no matter how big, across people of different countries and cultures. It helps through symbols to feel universal things and see how much humans have in common. This notion allows an opportunity to build mutual understanding and be empathetic and creative.

How does your art practice contribute to the understanding of this experience?

 I used elements of music pieces from different cultures, images, and video elements of performative art in my artwork. All of them support the main idea and  convey the universal things. The end result is more than just the sum of its parts, it’s wider, and it can be understood and relatable to a bigger number of people.