Mia-Ann Böhm

My name is Mia and I study art education at TU Dresden. I did art my whole life, started drawing with my grandpa as a child and loved art at school. To share my passion with younger people and make them interested in art, I decided to become an art teacher.

How do you experience the digitation of the human mind?

I don’t think about this a lot, but when I think about it I would say there are two sides: Regarding artificial intelligences they could make life a lot easier, especially used in robots but on the other hand it scares me how much of a human mind they already have. And at this point I think that we don’t really need them, because why should we create something artificial that is as intelligent as us?
In the end I cannot come to a conclusion whether it is necessary to become an even more digitized society or is it just the “god complex” of humanity?

How your art practice can help to understand this experience?

I am not very into digital stuff. I like to do some small sketches in procreate but only if I don’t have pen and paper with me or the sketch/illustration has to be a digital version.
So to be honest, I have never dealt with this subject before through (my own) art. The workshop at JKPev. was my first experience in this context. It inspired me and I loved to work with other artists. But even now, I haven’t fully understood the whole thing and maybe we shouldn’t, because it is probably too complex and complicated to understand in one lifetime.