Michael Siegmund

After school, civil service, a year abroad and some studying I ended up in school again, as a teacher for arts and other subjects for the little people. Art has always been a part of my life, even if teaching is now the thing I spend most of my time with, I try to (mostly) draw and paint as often I have the mind and mood for.

How do you experience the digitation of the human mind?

I grew up handling computers from about 11 years on and always had an interest in the developments of new technologies. I find it intriguing what nowadays can be done with it and sometimes I imagine how the 11 year old me would have marveled at a smartphone. But with that massive data collection going in, its not always clear if that is put to “good” use. While using everyday tech, the dose makes the poison, and we ought to consciously remember our roots in nature on a daily basis. Also the motivation behind certain developments and algorithms is to be questioned, I think I can see a dark mechanized future for us, but also a bright one.

How your art practice can help understand this experience??

I don’t use art to get a clearer picture of something, I can only try to use it as an instrument to express certain feelings, thoughts or viewpoints on paper / screen, but that can be quite a relieving experience.