With the exhibition ONE AND INFINITY: THE DIGITALISATION OF THE HUMAN MIND, Full Moon Gallery presents the artworks created as part of the DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES project. The vernissage will take place on 5 November from 8 pm at Full Moon Gallery. The finissage will then follow on 3 December from 8 pm in the presence of the participating artists.
At the finissage, the JKPeV will award art prizes in the three categories NICEST AUDIOVISUAL CREATION, FINEST GRAPHIC COMPOSITION and FAVORITE COLLABORATION to the participating artists of the Digital Art Residencies.

The Artworks

Someday soon or just happening today

by Belal Kalash (Deutschland) Some day soon, wars and global warming will end up

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Teaching my computer about evolution using Wikicommons

by Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela) In this exercise, an artificial intelligence

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Hiden Identities: a collective experience of AR

by Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela) / Mia-Ann Böhm (Germany) / Oleksandra Kulikovska

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by Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine) In my video series of collages, I explore the

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Collective Drawing Experience

by Mia-Ann Böhm (Germany) / Laura Michelle Schubert (Germany) / Michael Siegmund

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by Jakyeong Jeong (South Korea/Germany) The world is being suffered by man-made

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by Anna Mukhanova (Ukraine) / Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine) In this digital performance

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